Wanted: Disruptive Forward-Thinker, Charismatic Leader to Head NRG’s $6B Home Energy Business #innovation #entrepreneur #SustLiving #climate

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Wanted: Disruptive Forward-Thinker, Charismatic Leader to Head NRG’s $6B Home Energy Business #innovation #entrepreneur #SustLiving #climate

August 7, 2014 at 12:36 PM EDT

NRG Energy, Inc. Launches Crowdsourced Executive Search for President of NRG Home; Offers $100K for Winning Referral

PRINCETON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 7, 2014-- In an effort to attract unconventional forward-thinkers from among the nation’s best and brightest leaders, NRG Energy, Inc. (NYSE:NRG) today launched the first-ever crowdsourced executive search campaign for the President of its $6B NRG Home business, offering up to $100,000 for the winning referral.

This press release has an accompanying Smart Marketing Page providing further details about the organization, products and services introduced below. You can access the Smart Marketing Page via the following link:

“While crowdsourcing an executive search is decidedly unorthodox, NRG Home – combining NRG’s robust conventional retail electricity platform with our emerging residential solar business and other home energy products, services and controls – is going to be, from the outset, a uniquely capable company set up to pursue a greater purpose that is uniquely important to our collective future,” said David Crane, President and CEO of NRG. “As such, NRG Home deserves the best possible leader and that, in turn, requires a search that ventures far beyond traditional methods.”

NRG is turning to crowdsourcing to cast the widest possible net in the shortest period of time in its search for a leader who will inspire and motivate the American people to understand and embrace a clean energy future in the area of energy consumption that they completely control – the home – and which is most subject, at this time, to disruptive (and positive) change.

“Attracting big thinkers takes big thinking and NRG regularly pursues new and unconventional ideas,” said Jennifer Wallace, Senior Vice President, NRG Human Resources. “From our people to our plants, we can meet today’s energy needs – capable of powering almost 42 million homes – while thinking and acting like a start-up focused on the next wave of energy innovation.”

Do you know an inspirational big thinker who is ready to disrupt the status quo and transform society’s approach to energy? Go here to refer: Only one candidate may be submitted per person. The deadline for submissions is Friday, August 22, 2014, at 5 p.m. Eastern.

What is NRG Home?

NRG Home includes all of NRG’s retail brands like NRG, Reliant and Green Mountain Energy, and our residential solar business, NRG Home Solar, organized with national rather than regional geographic scope of responsibility, and with a singular focus on making the homeowner aware of the benefits of embracing the clean energy future and bringing about the benefits of that future as quickly and completely as possible. Also included in the NRG Home portfolio is NRG Home Services that provides residents in Texas, Arizona, Illinois and Maryland with a range of technical solutions at home including heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical services.

NRG Home is focused on building enduring relationships with energy consumers by offering them choices in energy products and services that suit their individual lifestyles and value systems and, most of all, empower the consumer to make their own choices about how the energy they use is produced and consumed.

NRG is already a major energy supplier to the home, with several touch points to the homeowner: system power in competitive retail markets, home EV charging stations, residential solar, home warranties, automated efficiency and home audits, and more. As residential solar becomes price-competitive with system power in an ever-increasing number of states, NRG Home stands ready to help customers take full advantage of this disruptive technology.

While the immediate focus of NRG Home is on that portion of the built environment that is controlled by individual decision-making – the home – NRG expects NRG Home also to be at the forefront of portable or personal power. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, for however long you are doing it, NRG Home wants to keep you energized. In other words, NRG Home aims not only to empower, but to enable your mobile and highly interconnected lifestyle without interruption.

What is the Role?

In this newly created Executive-level role, the President of NRG Home, will report directly to David Crane, NRG’s President and CEO and will serve as the strategic and operational leader of a home energy business that already has over $6B in annual revenue and more than 2,000 highly professional and dedicated employees located across the country with major offices in northern California, Houston and Philadelphia. Office location is flexible but the job is decidedly national in scope. The compensation package will be based on the candidate’s experience and capabilities and will include base salary, annual short-term cash incentive and an annual long-term equity grant of NRG stock units.

Specific challenges include: 1) activating consumer interest in controlling their own energy destiny; 2) developing and selling new products and services via existing and newly created sales channels; and 3) delivering and leading a disruptive movement in the energy market to foster consumer adoption while capturing new partnership opportunities.

We have witnessed disruptions in multiple industries over the past 30 years – telecom, information technology and cable & entertainment to name a few – and we are looking for the leader who can harness the power of disruptive technology and apply it to NRG Home for the benefit of our customers and the greater good of society. It is essential that the President of NRG Home have a charismatic public persona, as we expect NRG Home to occupy a very high profile in facilitating a societal transition to a clean energy future.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

The President of NRG Home will be an inspirational, strategic business leader who has the passion and fortitude to instigate disruptive change in the retail electricity sector. The ideal executive would combine entrepreneurial credentials as well as significant experience operating effectively within and around an established corporate environment.

NRG Home will be bringing new products and services to market which expand dramatically the concept of what conventional retail electricity providers traditionally have provided. As such, the candidate may come from the energy industry, but NRG itself has many very capable executives with deep experience in the electric industry. What may be more compelling is an executive, financier or entrepreneur with deep experience in high tech, consumer goods, financial services, cable, entertainment or telecom.

Culturally, this individual will be a charismatic and compellingly persuasive leader with excellent communication skills and the ability to galvanize an organization to action. It is our belief that to achieve our ultimate objective of not only winning the marketplace but transforming society’s approach to energy consumption through individual empowerment – and to do so at a scale and in an accelerated timetable to stave off the worst possible effects of climate change – it is going to take a popular movement. We believe that NRG Home, together with other like minded companies, can both catalyze and serve that consumer-led drive to embrace the clean energy economy and a sustainable society. Quite simply, we are looking for the right person to align the partners and lead the movement.

Performance and personal competencies required for the position include, but are not limited to:

  • Setting Strategy & Creative Vision
  • Obsession with Results
  • Strong External Relationships
  • Inspirational Leadership Internally and Externally

More information, including guidelines and details on submitting a referral, is available at

About NRG

NRG is leading a customer-driven change in the U.S. energy industry by delivering cleaner and smarter energy choices, while building on the strength of the nation’s largest and most diverse competitive power portfolio. A Fortune 250 company, we create value through reliable and efficient conventional generation while driving innovation in solar and renewable power, electric vehicle ecosystems, carbon capture technology and customer-centric energy solutions. Our retail electricity providers serve almost 3 million residential and commercial customers throughout the country. More information is available at Connect with NRG Energy on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @nrgenergy.

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