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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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Article 6.    Certain Change in Control Payments
Notwithstanding any provision of the Plan to the contrary, if any payments or benefits an Executive would receive from the Company under the Plan or otherwise in connection with the Change in Control (the “Total Payments”) (a) constitute “parachute payments” within the meaning of Section 280G of the Code, and (b) but for this Article 6, would be subject to the excise tax imposed by Section 4999 of the Code, then such Executive will be entitled to receive either (i) the full amount of the Total Payments or (ii) a portion of the Total Payments having a value equal to One Dollar ($1) less than three (3) times such individual’s “base amount” (as such term is defined in Section 280G(b)(3)(A) of the Code), whichever of (i) and (ii), after taking into account applicable federal, state, and local income taxes and the excise tax imposed by Section 4999 of the Code, results in the receipt by such employee on an after-tax basis, of the greatest portion of the Total Payments. Any determination required under this Article 6 shall be made in writing by the Company’s independent certified public accountants appointed prior to any change in ownership (as defined under Section 280G(b)(2) of the Code) or tax counsel selected by such accountants (the “Accountants”), whose determination shall be conclusive and binding for all purposes upon the applicable Executive. For purposes of making the calculations required by this Article 6, the Accountants may make reasonable assumptions and approximations concerning applicable taxes and may rely on reasonable, good-faith interpretations concerning the application of Sections 280G and 4999 of the Code. If there is a reduction pursuant to this Article 6 of the Total Payments to be delivered to the applicable Executive, the payment reduction contemplated by the preceding sentence shall be implemented by determining the Parachute Payment Ratio (as defined below) for each “parachute payment” and then reducing the “parachute payments” in order beginning with the “parachute payment” with the highest Parachute Payment Ratio. For “parachute payments” with the same Parachute Payment Ratio, such “parachute payments” shall be reduced based on the time of payment of such “parachute payments,” with amounts having later payment dates being reduced first. For “parachute payments” with the same Parachute Payment Ratio and the same time of payment, such “parachute payments” shall be reduced on a pro rata basis (but not below zero) prior to reducing “parachute payments” with a lower Parachute Payment Ratio. For purposes hereof, the term “Parachute Payment Ratio” shall mean a fraction the numerator of which is the value of the applicable “parachute payment” for purposes of Section 280G of the Code and the denominator of which is the actual present value of such payment.
Article 7.    Legal Fees and Notice
7.1    Payment of Legal Fees. Except as otherwise agreed to by the parties, the Company shall pay the Executive for costs of litigation or other disputes including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred by the Executive in asserting any claims or defenses under this Plan, except that the Executive shall bear his own costs of such litigation or disputes (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees) if the court (or arbitrator) finds in favor of the Company with respect to any claims or defenses asserted by the Executive.
7.2    Notice. Any notices, requests, demands, or other communications provided for by this Plan shall be sufficient if in writing and if sent by registered or certified mail to the Executive at the last address he or she has filed in writing with the Company or, in the case of the Company, at its principal offices.