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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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Duration, Scope, or Area. If, at the time of enforcement of this Article 5, a court shall hold that the duration, scope, or area restrictions stated herein are unreasonable under circumstances then existing, the parties agree that the maximum duration, scope, or area reasonable under such circumstances shall be substituted for the stated duration, scope, or area and that the court shall be allowed to revise the restrictions contained herein to cover the maximum period, scope, and area permitted by law. Article 5(c) and 5(d) shall not apply to any Executive whose principal work location for the Company at the time of termination was in the State of California.
Company Enforcement. In the event of a breach or a threatened breach by the Executive of any of the provisions of this Article 5, the Company would suffer irreparable harm, and in addition and supplementary to other rights and remedies existing in its favor, the Company shall be entitled to specific performance and/or injunctive or other equitable relief from a court of competent jurisdiction in order to enforce or prevent any violations of the provisions hereof (without posting a bond or other security). In addition, in the event of a breach or violation by the Executive of Article 5(c), the Noncompete Period shall be automatically extended by the amount of time between the initial occurrence of the breach or violation and when such breach or violation has been duly cured.