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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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8.09    Agreements. Purchaser shall have delivered to Seller (i) a transition services agreement between Seller and Purchaser, duly executed by Purchaser, containing the terms and conditions set forth in Exhibit M and in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Seller, (ii) the Cottonwood Lease, duly executed by Purchaser, (iii) the LTSA Rights Agreement, duly executed by Purchaser and (iv) the Put Option Agreement, duly executed by Purchaser.
9.01    Certain Taxes.
(a)    All real property Taxes, personal property Taxes and similar obligations of the Company and the Subsidiaries imposed by any Governmental Authority that are due or become due for Tax periods within which the Closing Date occurs shall be apportioned between the pre-Closing Date period, on the one hand, and the post-Closing Date period, on the other hand, as of the Closing Date, based upon the actual number of days of the Tax period that have elapsed before and including, and after, the Closing Date, and all income Taxes and Transfer Taxes imposed on the Company and the Subsidiaries shall be allocated between the pre-Closing Date period and the post-Closing Date period as though a taxable year of the Company and the Subsidiaries have ended on the Closing Date. Seller shall be responsible for the portion of such Taxes described in the preceding sentence (the “Apportioned Obligations”) attributable to the pre-Closing Date period. Purchaser shall be responsible for such Apportioned Obligations attributable to the period beginning on or after the Closing Date. Each Party shall cooperate in assuring that Apportioned Obligations that are the responsibility of Seller pursuant to the preceding sentences are paid by Seller, and that Apportioned Obligations that are the responsibility of Purchaser pursuant to the preceding sentence shall be paid by Purchaser. If any refund, rebate or similar payment is received by the Company, the Subsidiaries, Seller and/or Purchaser for any Taxes that are Apportioned Obligations, such refund shall be apportioned between Seller and Purchaser as aforesaid on the basis of the obligations of the Company and the Subsidiaries during the applicable Tax period, provided any such Tax refund shall belong to Purchaser if it was included as an asset in the Final Aggregate Net Working Capital.
(b)    Seller shall timely prepare and file with the appropriate authorities all Tax Returns required to be filed by the Company or the applicable Subsidiary with respect to any Tax periods ending on or before the Closing Date. Such Tax Returns shall be prepared and filed in a manner consistent with prior positions and past practice to the extent consistent with applicable Law. Seller shall provide Purchaser with a completed draft of such Tax Return if it relates to income Taxes or other material Taxes for Purchaser's review as soon as reasonably practicable once a draft is available. Seller will consider in good faith any reasonable changes to such Tax Return timely proposed by Purchaser and provide Purchaser with a copy of any such revised Tax Return as soon as reasonably practicable after filing. Seller shall timely remit (or cause to be timely remitted by the applicable Company Entity) any Taxes shown as due on any such Tax Return, except to the extent such Taxes do not exceed the liabilities for such Taxes specifically taken into account in determining the Final Aggregate Net Working Capital.
(c)    Seller and Purchaser shall reasonably cooperate, and shall cause their respective Affiliates, employees and agents reasonably to cooperate, in preparing and filing all Tax Returns of the Company and each Subsidiary, including maintaining and making available to each other all records that are necessary for the preparation of any Tax Returns that the Party is required to file under this Article 9, and in resolving all disputes and audits with respect to such Returns.
(d)    All sales, use, transfer, controlling interest transfer, recording, stock transfer, real property transfer, value-added and other similar Taxes and fees (“Transfer Taxes”), if any, arising out of or in connection with the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement shall be shared equally by Purchaser and Seller. Tax Returns that must be filed in connection with such Transfer Taxes shall