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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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Power Supply Contract,” “Form A,” “Form B” or “Form C,” Purchaser shall give Seller the opportunity to review and comment (to the extent reasonably practicable) with respect to the following: (i) material issues and developments; (ii) all material public filings; and (iii) discovery requests; provided that, with respect to advice and comment by Seller on such written discovery requests, Purchaser shall not be required to provide Purchaser Parent’s written discovery responses to Seller as part of such advice and comment.
6.02    Fulfillment of Conditions. Purchaser (a) shall take all commercially reasonable steps necessary or desirable and proceed diligently and in good faith to satisfy each other condition to the obligations of Seller contained in this Agreement, and (b) shall not, and shall not permit any of its Affiliates to, take or fail to take any action that would reasonably be expected to result in the non-fulfillment of any such condition.
6.03    Further Assurances. During the Interim Period, Purchaser shall use commercially reasonable efforts to execute and deliver, or cause to be executed and delivered, all such documents and instruments and shall take, or cause to be taken, all such further or other actions as may be necessary to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, including such actions at its expense as are necessary in connection with obtaining any third-party consents and all Governmental Approvals required to be obtained by Purchaser. During the Interim Period, Purchaser shall cooperate with Seller and provide any information regarding Purchaser necessary to assist Seller in making any filings or applications required to be made with any Governmental Authority. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Section 6.03, if the Parties are in an adversarial relationship in litigation or arbitration, the furnishing of any documents or information in accordance herewith shall be solely subject to applicable rules relating to discovery and the remainder of this Section 6.03 shall not apply.
6.04    Support Obligations. Purchaser acknowledges that Seller and certain Affiliates have provided certain credit support pursuant to the support obligations and related agreements described on Schedule 3.23 (the “Support Obligations”). During the Interim Period, in each case, at Purchaser’s sole risk, cost and expense:
(a)    Purchaser shall take all steps reasonably necessary, including offering substitute guarantees of Purchaser Parent, and Seller shall cooperate (it being understood that such cooperation shall not include any requirement to pay any consideration or offer or grant any financial accommodation) in all reasonable respects with Purchaser, to endeavor to ensure that, effective as of the Closing Date, (i) Seller and its Affiliates (other than any Company Entity) shall be released from one hundred percent (100%) of any and all obligations or Liabilities relating to or arising under or out of or in connection with each Support Obligation, and (ii) substitute arrangements, if required by a beneficiary of any Support Obligation, of Purchaser or Purchaser Parent shall be in effect, including by providing (or causing to be provided) letters of credit or similar support, and
(b)    without limiting the foregoing, in the event that the requirements set forth in clause (a) of this Section 6.04 are not met as of the Closing Date, and subject to acceptance by Seller in its reasonable discretion, Purchaser or its relevant Affiliates shall, in lieu of providing substitute arrangements in respect of Support Obligations pursuant to clause (a)(ii) of this Section 6.04, enter into such indemnification and reimbursement agreements with Seller or any of its Affiliates as reasonably necessary to provide Seller and such Affiliates with an effective release or full indemnification with respect to all obligations and Liabilities of Seller and such Affiliates to be released pursuant to in clause (b) of this Section 6.04; provided that, Purchaser’s indemnification obligations under clause (i) shall not affect Seller’s indemnification obligations under Section 11.01.