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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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5.03    Exhibits and Schedules; Notification of Certain Matters.
(a)    All exhibits and schedules and the Disclosure Schedules attached hereto are hereby incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof.
(b)    Neither the specification of any dollar amount in any representation nor the mere inclusion of any item in a schedule or in the Disclosure Schedules as an exception to a representation or warranty shall be deemed an admission by a Party that such item represents a material fact, event or circumstance or that such item is reasonably likely to result in a Material Adverse Effect on the Company Entities or Purchaser.
(c)    Seller shall have the right (but not the obligation) to deliver to Purchaser, at least five (5) Business Days prior to the Closing Date, a supplement to the Seller Disclosure Schedule (the “Closing Date Schedule Supplement”) to disclose any matter arising or discovered after the date hereof, that, if existing at, or arising or discovered prior to the date hereof, would have been required to be set forth in the Seller Disclosure Schedule for the representations and warranties of Seller set forth herein to be true and correct as of the date hereof, and the Seller Disclosure Schedule shall be deemed to be modified, supplemented and amended to include the items listed in the Closing Date Schedule Supplement for all purposes hereunder, other than to cure any breach or inaccuracy of any representation or warranty of Seller contained in this Agreement for purposes of ARTICLE 11. If any item set forth in the Closing Date Schedule Supplement discloses any event, circumstance or development that, individually or in the aggregate when taken together with other previously disclosed events, circumstances or developments, would prevent any of the conditions set forth in ‎Section 7.01 to be satisfied, then Purchaser may terminate this Agreement by delivering notice of termination to Seller within twenty (20) Business Days of its receipt of such Closing Date Schedule Supplement; provided, that if Purchaser does not deliver such notice within such twenty (20) Business Day period, then Purchaser shall be deemed to have irrevocably waived their right to terminate this Agreement with respect to such item and their right to not consummate the transactions contemplated hereby with respect to such item, in each case, after giving effect to such item under any of the conditions set forth in ‎Section 7.01, but shall not be deemed to have irrevocably waived their right to indemnification under ‎Section 11.01 with respect to such item.