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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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(xx)    fail to maintain insurance coverage substantially equivalent to its insurance coverage as in effect on the date hereof;
(xxi)    settle, resolve or compromise any material environmental claim with any Governmental Authority relating to any actual or alleged violations of applicable Environmental Law or Orders;
(xxii)    materially modify any Permits issued pursuant to Environmental Laws;
(xxiii)    permit to occur any Leakage; or
(xxiv)    agree to enter into any Contract or otherwise make any commitment to do any of the foregoing in this Section 5.04.
(c)    Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything in this Agreement to the contrary, Seller and the Company Entities may take (or not take, as the case may be) any of the actions described in ‎Section 5.04(b) above in connection with Permitted Intercompany Transfers. At Closing, Seller shall, and shall cause its Affiliates including any Company Entity to, terminate, at no penalty or other cost to any Company Entity, any Affiliate Contract identified by Purchaser on or prior to the Closing Date.
(d)    During the Lockbox Period, Seller shall ensure that all accrued revenues and accrued costs relating to each Company Entity shall only be allocated to the Company Entity that generated or incurred such revenues and expenses and not to any other Company Entity.
(e)    Within fifteen (15) Business Days after the end of each calendar month during the Interim Period, Seller shall provide Purchaser with reports (the “Interim Reports”) detailing (i) all transactions between or among any Company Entity, on the one hand, and Seller and its Affiliates (other than a Company Entity), on the other hand, including all Permitted Intercompany Transfers, (ii) the income statements for each Company Entity, and (iii) the balance sheet for each Company Entity, in each case in respect of such calendar month. Within ten (10) Business Days after the Closing Date, Seller shall provide Purchaser with Interim Reports in respect of the period beginning on the day after the last calendar month in respect of which a report was delivered pursuant to the preceding sentence and ending on the Closing Date. During the Interim Period and post-Closing, Seller shall provide Purchaser and its Representatives reasonable access to such books, records, documents, work papers and employees (including those of the Company Entities) as are reasonably requested in connection with its review and verification of the Interim Reports.
(f)    During the Interim Period, Seller shall, and shall cause Cottonwood and those entities set forth in Schedule 1.01(a) to, comply with all covenants of “Tenant” under the Cottonwood Lease as if it were in effect during the Interim Period, including the operation and maintenance standards set forth in Exhibit F to the Cottonwood Lease.
(g)    During the Interim Period, Seller shall, and shall cause its Affiliates to, (i) use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain employment relationships with their employees (other than Business Employees, whose treatment during the Interim Period is governed by Sections 5.04(a) and 5.04(b)) who provide trading or other commercial services to the Company Entities, (ii) use reasonable efforts to ensure that such persons, while they remain employees, continue to devote the majority of their working time to the provision of such services; (iii) use reasonable efforts to replace any such employees whose employment with Seller and its Affiliates terminates, or who otherwise cease to spend the majority of their working time to the provision of such services, as soon as practicable following any such termination or cessation with other employees with similar experience providing such services in any wholesale power market in the United States; and (iv) not materially alter the methodology for compensating any such employees (including incentive compensation relating to their services for or on behalf of the Company Entities).