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SEC Filing Details

NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
Entire Document

(vii)    make any material change in its business or operations, except such changes as may be required to comply with any applicable Law, including any material change to the levels of Inventory maintained at any Project;
(viii)    make any material capital expenditures (or enter into any Contracts in respect of material capital expenditures) other than capital expenditures paid to third parties other than Seller and its Affiliates to the extent contemplated by the monthly budgets set forth on Schedule 5.04(b)(viii);
(ix)    form a subsidiary, or merge any Company Entity into or with any other Person or consolidate any Company Entity with any other Person;
(x)    sell, lease, transfer or otherwise dispose of any assets pertaining to the Business with a value in excess of $250,000 to any Person (other than to any Company Entity) or encumber any such assets other than Permitted Liens;
(xi)    permit any Company Entity to (x) create, incur or assume any long-term debt, (y) assume, guarantee, endorse or otherwise become liable or responsible (whether directly, contingently or otherwise) for any material obligations of any Person (other than any Company Entity) or (z) make any loans, advances or capital contributions to or investments in any Person (other than any Company Entity), other than obligations that will be discharged on or prior to Closing;
(xii)    enter into, amend, modify, grant a waiver in respect of, cancel or consent to the termination of any Company Contract other than any amendment, modification or waiver which is not material to such Company Contract and is otherwise in the ordinary course of business;
(xiii)    acquire, or enter into any Contract for any acquisitions (by merger, consolidation, or acquisition of stock or assets or any other business combination), of any Person or business or any division thereof;
(xiv)    enter into or adversely amend, modify or waive any rights under, in each case, any Contract (or series of related Contracts) with Seller or any Affiliate of Seller, other than the entry into or amendment, modification, or waiver of any such Contracts on an arms’ length basis which are not in the aggregate materially adverse to the Business;
(xv)    except as required by the terms of any Collective Bargaining Agreement, enter into, amend or extend any Collective Bargaining Agreement with a labor union, works council or other employee representative body;
(xvi)    except as required by the terms of any Collective Bargaining Agreement, enter into any offers of employment, employment, change in control, severance, retention or consulting agreements, arrangements or programs or materially amend the terms and conditions of employment for any Business Employee, other than the hiring of employees for the positions described on Schedule 5.04(b)(xvi);
(xvii)    except as required by the terms of any Collective Bargaining Agreement, establish any new Company Employee Plan for the benefit of any Business Employee, amend, modify or terminate the material terms and conditions of any Company Employee Plan in respect of any Business Employee or otherwise increase the annual base salary, hourly rate, other compensation or benefits of any Business Employee;
(xviii)    pay, discharge, settle or satisfy any claims, liabilities or obligations prior to the same being due in excess of $250,000 in the aggregate;
(xix)    amend the Constitutive Documents;