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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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4.08    Brokers. Except as set forth on Schedule 4.08, no Person has any claim against Purchaser for a finder’s fee, brokerage commission or similar payment directly or indirectly in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.
4.09    Governmental Approvals. No Governmental Approval on the part of Purchaser is required in connection with the execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement or the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby except for (a) required filings under the HSR Act, (b) as set forth on Schedule 4.09 (“Purchaser Approvals”), including from the LPSC and CFIUS, (c) Consents that have already been obtained, and (d) Consents not required to be made or given until after Closing.
4.10    Compliance with Laws. Purchaser is not in material violation of any Law except where any such material violation would not in the aggregate reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.
4.11    FPA/PUHCA. Purchaser is not a holding company under PUHCA.
4.12    Due Diligence.
(a)    Seller and the Company Entities have provided Purchaser with such access to the facilities, books, records and personnel of the Company Entities as Purchaser has deemed necessary and appropriate in order for Purchaser to investigate to its satisfaction the Business and properties of the Company Entities sufficiently to make an informed investment decision to purchase the Acquired Interests and to enter into this Agreement. Purchaser (either alone or together with its Representatives) has such knowledge and experience in financial and business matters so as to be capable of evaluating the merits and risks of its purchase of the Acquired Interests and is capable of bearing the economic risks of such purchase. Purchaser’s acceptance of the Acquired Interests on the Closing Date shall be based upon its own investigation, examination and determination with respect thereto as to all matters and without reliance upon any express or implied representations or warranties of any nature made by or on behalf of or imputed to Seller, except as expressly set forth in this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this Section 4.12 shall in any way diminish the liability of Seller with respect to a breach of a representation or warranty expressly set forth in this Agreement.
(b)    Purchaser has relied solely on its own Representatives for its evaluation of its investment decision to purchase the Acquired Interests and to enter into this Agreement and not on the advice of Seller or its Representatives. Purchaser acknowledges that any financial projections that may have been provided to it are based on assumptions of future operating results based on assumptions about certain events (many of which are beyond the control of Seller). It understands that no assurances or representations can be given that the actual results of the operations of any Company Entity will conform to the projected results for any period. Except with respect to any representation or warranty expressly set forth in this Agreement, Purchaser specifically acknowledges that no representation or warranty has been made, and that Purchaser has not relied on any representation or warranty, as to the accuracy of any projections, estimates or budgets, future revenues, future results from operations, future cash flows, the future condition of any Project or any assets of any Company Entity, the future financial condition of such Company Entity, or any other information or documents made available to Purchaser, its Affiliates or its or their respective Representatives.