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SEC Filing Details

NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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3.11    Taxes.
(a)    Except as set forth in Schedule 3.11:
(i)    Each Company Entity has timely filed, or caused to be timely filed, all Tax Returns it was required to file on or prior to the date hereof.
(i)    All such Tax Returns are complete and accurate.
(i)    All Taxes due and owing by the Company Entities have been paid.
(ii)     There are no Liens for Taxes on any of the assets of any Company Entity other than Permitted Liens.
(iii)    None of the Company Entities is currently taking advantage of an extension of time to file any Tax Return and no such extensions have been requested with respect to any Tax Returns currently due or pending.
(iv)    There are no outstanding agreements or waivers extending the statutory period of limitations applicable to the assessment of any Tax against the Company Entities nor has any request been made in writing for any such extension or waiver.
(v)    Each Company Entity has been treated as a disregarded entity for U.S. federal income tax purposes at all times since its formation. No election has ever been filed to treat any Company Entity as an association taxable as a corporation for U.S. federal income Tax purposes.
(vi)    The Company Entities are not members of any consolidated, combined, affiliated or unitary group of persons for purposes of determining income Tax liability or filing any tax returns.
(vii)    No deficiencies for Taxes of the Company Entities or with respect to the Business or the Projects have been claimed, proposed or assessed by any Governmental Authority that have not been paid or finally determined by such Governmental Authority or a court of competent jurisdiction not to be due or payable or otherwise satisfied.
(viii)    There are no pending or threatened audits, examinations, assessments or other actions for or relating to any liability in respect of Taxes for which the Company Entities, the Business or the Projects might be liable and there are no matters under discussion with any Governmental Authority or otherwise known to the Seller with respect to Taxes that are likely to result in additional liabilities of the Company Entities, the Business or the Projects for Taxes. No closing agreements with the IRS or any other taxing authority have been entered into by or with respect to the Company Entities, the Business or the Projects.
(ix)    No claim has ever been made by a Governmental Authority in a jurisdiction where a Company Entity does not file a Tax Return that it is or may be subject to Taxation by that jurisdiction with respect to the Taxes that would be the subject of such Tax Return.
(x)    There are no Tax sharing agreements or similar arrangements between any of the Company Entities and non-affiliates and no Company Entity shall have any liability under such Tax sharing agreements or similar arrangements.
(xi)    The Company Entities have delivered or made available to Purchaser complete and accurate copies of all Tax Returns for all taxable years since December 31, 2013 and complete and accurate