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SEC Filing Details

NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
Entire Document

Schedule 3.23        Support Obligations
Schedule 3.24(a)    List of Business Employees
Schedule 3.24(b)    Collective Bargaining Agreements and Labor/Employment Issues
Schedule 3.24(e)    Company Employee Plans
Schedule 3.24(h)    Business Employee Payments
Schedule 3.27        Warranties
Schedule 3.29        Projects Condition

Purchaser Disclosure Schedules

Schedule 4.03        Purchaser Consents
Schedule 4.05        Purchaser Permits
Schedule 4.08        Brokers
Schedule 4.09        Governmental Approvals

Other Schedules

Schedule 1.01(a)    Companies
Schedule 1.01(b)    Permitted Exceptions and Permitted Liens
Schedule 1.01(c)    Existing Mortgages
Schedule 1.01(d)    PJM Capacity Revenue
Schedule 5.02        Contacting Co-Op Customers
Schedule 5.04(b)    Actions
Schedule 5.04(b)(viii)    Monthly Capital Expenditure Budgets
Schedule 5.04(b)(xvi)    Employee Positions
Schedule 6.01        LPSC Approval
Schedule 6.07(a)    Offers of Employment
Schedule 7.14        Assigned Contracts
Schedule 11.01(h)    Indemnified Litigation
Schedule 11.01(i)    Indemnified Cooperative Customer Litigation