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SEC Filing Details

NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
Entire Document


Exhibit A    Assignment and Assumption of Membership Interests
Exhibit B    Wire Transfer Instructions
Exhibit C    Aggregate Net Working Capital Calculation
Exhibit D    Form of Officer’s Certificate of Seller
Exhibit E    Form of Officer’s Certificate of the Company
Exhibit F    Form of Secretary’s Certificate of Seller
Exhibit G    Form of Certificate of Non-Foreign Status of Seller
Exhibit H    Form of Officer’s Certificate of Purchaser
Exhibit I    Form of Secretary’s Certificate of Purchaser
Exhibit J    Purchaser Parent Guaranty
Exhibit K    Seller Knowledge Parties
Exhibit L    Cottonwood Lease
Exhibit M    Transition Services Terms


Seller Disclosure Schedules:

Schedule 3.03        Seller Consents
Schedule 3.05        Seller Approvals
Schedule 3.06        Legal Proceedings
Schedule 3.07        Brokers
Schedule 3.08        Compliance with Laws
Schedule 3.09        Ownership; Voting Trusts; Liens on Acquired Interests
Schedule 3.11        Taxes
Schedule 3.12(a)    Company Contracts
Schedule 3.12(b)    Contracts Defaults
Schedule 3.13        Real Property
Schedule 3.15        Environmental Matters
Schedule 3.16        Permits
Schedule 3.17        Affiliate Transactions
Schedule 3.18        Intellectual Property
Schedule 3.19        Insurance
Schedule 3.19(b)    Unreported Insurance Claims/Transferred Insurance Policies
Schedule 3.20        Financial Statements
Schedule 3.21(c)    Absence of Certain Changes
Schedule 3.22(a)    Regulatory Status