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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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The Company may incur additional costs or delays in the development, construction and operation of new plants, improvements to existing plants, or the implementation of environmental control equipment at existing plants and may not be able to recover their investment or complete the project.
The Company is developing or constructing new generation facilities, improving its existing facilities and adding environmental controls to its existing facilities. The development, construction, expansion, modification and refurbishment of power generation facilities involve many risks, including:
inability to obtain sufficient funding on reasonable terms and/or necessary government financial incentives;
delays in obtaining necessary permits and licenses;
inability to sell down interests in a project or develop successful partnering relationships;
environmental remediation of soil or groundwater at contaminated sites;
interruptions to dispatch at the Company's facilities;
supply interruptions;
work stoppages;
labor disputes;
weather interferences;
unforeseen engineering, environmental and geological problems, including those related to climate change;
unanticipated cost overruns;
exchange rate risks; and
failure of contracting parties to perform under contracts, including EPC contractors.
Any of these risks could cause NRG's financial returns on new investments to be lower than expected or could cause the Company to operate below expected capacity or availability levels, which could result in lost revenues, increased expenses, higher maintenance costs and penalties. Insurance is maintained to protect against these risks, warranties are generally obtained for limited periods relating to the construction of each project and its equipment in varying degrees, and contractors and equipment suppliers are obligated to meet certain performance levels. The insurance, warranties or performance guarantees, however, may not be adequate to cover increased expenses. As a result, a project may cost more than projected and may be unable to fund principal and interest payments under its construction financing obligations, if any. A default under such a financing obligation could result in the Company losing its interest in a power generation facility.
Furthermore, where the Company has partnering relationships with a third party, the Company is subject to the viability and performance of the third party. The Company's inability to find a replacement contracting party, particularly an EPC contractor, where the original contracting party has failed to perform, could result in the abandonment of the development and/or construction of such project, while the Company could remain obligated on other agreements associated with the project, including PPAs.
If the Company is unable to complete the development or construction of a facility or environmental control, or decides to delay, downsize, or cancel such project, it may not be able to recover its investment in that facility or environmental control. Furthermore, if construction projects are not completed according to specification, the Company may incur liabilities and suffer reduced plant efficiency, higher operating costs and reduced net income.
NRG and its subsidiaries have guaranteed the performance of third parties, which may result in substantial costs in the event of non-performance.
NRG and its subsidiaries have issued certain guarantees of the performance of others, which obligate NRG and its subsidiaries to perform in the event that the third parties do not perform. In the event of non-performance by the third parties, NRG could incur substantial cost to fulfill their obligations under these guarantees. Such performance guarantees could have a material impact on the operating results, financial condition, or cash flows of the Company.