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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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FERC’s Fast-Start Pricing Dockets On December 28, 2017, notices were published regarding FERC’s initiation of FPA section 206 proceedings for the NYISO, PJM, and SPP to investigate these ISO pricing practices for fast-start generating resources. FERC found that the practices of each ISO regarding the pricing of fast-start resources may be unjust and unreasonable because the practices do not allow prices to reflect the marginal cost of serving load. FERC also terminated its generic rulemaking into these issues. The proceeding is ongoing. The outcome of this proceeding could affect price formation in the respective energy markets.
Minimum Offer Price Rule Exemption Appeal On July 7, 2017, the D.C. Circuit vacated a FERC order from 2013 related to an exemption to the Minimum Offer Price Rule, or MOPR, and remanded the issue back to FERC. On October 23, 2017, PJM re-filed its initial 2012 MOPR. On December 8, 2017, FERC rejected PJM's filing and directed PJM to submit a compliance filing reinstating the MOPR in effect prior to PJM's December 2012 filing. PJM submitted a compliance filing modifying certain PJM tariff sections, retaining the unit-specific exception, which FERC has accepted.
Generators’ Complaint on Existing Generation MOPR On January 9, 2017, NRG, its trade association and other generators filed a joint amendment to the pending complaint seeking to apply the MOPR in the capacity market to existing resources that receive out-of-market subsidies. This filing amends the March 21, 2016 complaint filed by NRG and other companies related to ratepayer-funded subsidies approved by the PUCO. The national trade association sought expedited treatment to implement countermeasures to protect consumers and wholesale power markets from the negative effects of out-of-market subsidies, like the Zero Emission Credit. The complaint is pending at FERC.
2020/2021 PJM Auction Results — On May 23, 2017, PJM announced the results of its 2020/2021 Base Residual Auction. NRG cleared approximately 3,992 MW of Capacity Performance product. NRG’s expected capacity revenues from the Base Residual Auction for the 2020/2021 delivery year are approximately $268 million.
The table below provides a detailed description of NRG’s 2020/2021 base residual auction results from May 23, 2017:
Capacity Performance Product
Cleared Capacity (MW)(a)
Price ($/MW-day)



(a) Includes imports. Does not include capacity sold by NRG Curtailment Solutions.

PJM Seasonal Capacity Proceeding — On November 17, 2016, PJM proposed to allow winter- and summer-peaking capacity resources to “aggregate” their seasonal capacity into an annual capacity product eligible to participate as Capacity Performance resources. NRG filed comments specifically supporting PJM’s proposal to modify the aggregation rules to allow seasonal capacity resources to aggregate across LDAs and to allow aggregations through RPM auctions. On January 23, 2017, PJM amended its proposal to address questions from FERC. On March 21, 2017, FERC issued a decision accepting PJM's seasonal capacity aggregation filing pursuant to FERC staff's delegated authority, since FERC did not have a quorum at the time. On February 23, 2018, FERC re-affirmed its prior order. Rehearings are pending at FERC. The outcome of this proceeding could have a material impact on future PJM capacity prices.
Complaints Related to Extension of Base Capacity — In 2015, FERC approved changes to PJM’s capacity market, which included moving from the Base Capacity product to the higher performance Capacity Performance product over the course of a five year transition. Under this transition, as of the May 2017 BRA, the Base Capacity product will no longer be available.  Several parties have filed complaints at FERC seeking to maintain the RPM Base Capacity product for at least one more delivery year or until such time as PJM develops a model for seasonal resources to participate. If the transition is delayed, capacity prices could be materially impacted. The matters are pending at FERC.