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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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The non-guarantor subsidiaries include all of NRG's foreign subsidiaries and certain domestic subsidiaries. NRG conducts much of its business through and derives much of its income from its subsidiaries. Therefore, the Company's ability to make required payments with respect to its indebtedness and other obligations depends on the financial results and condition of its subsidiaries and NRG's ability to receive funds from its subsidiaries. Except for NRG Bayou Cove, LLC, which is subject to certain restrictions under the Company's Peaker financing agreements, there are no restrictions on the ability of any of the guarantor subsidiaries to transfer funds to NRG. In addition, there may be restrictions for certain non-guarantor subsidiaries.
The following condensed consolidating financial information presents the financial information of NRG Energy, Inc., the guarantor subsidiaries and the non-guarantor subsidiaries in accordance with Rule 3-10 under the SEC's Regulation S-X. The financial information may not necessarily be indicative of results of operations or financial position had the guarantor subsidiaries or non-guarantor subsidiaries operated as independent entities.
In this presentation, NRG Energy, Inc. consists of parent company operations. Guarantor subsidiaries and non-guarantor subsidiaries of NRG are reported on an equity basis. For companies acquired, the fair values of the assets and liabilities acquired have been presented on a push-down accounting basis.
In addition, the condensed parent company financial statements are provided in accordance with Rule 12-04, Schedule I of Regulation S-X, as the restricted net assets of NRG Energy, Inc.’s subsidiaries exceed 25 percent of the consolidated net assets of NRG Energy, Inc. These statements should be read in conjunction with the consolidated statements and notes thereto of NRG Energy, Inc. For a discussion of NRG Energy, Inc.'s long-term debt, see Note 12, Debt and Capital Leases to the consolidated financial statements. For a discussion of NRG Energy, Inc.'s contingencies, see Note 22, Commitments and Contingencies to the consolidated financial statements. For a discussion of NRG Energy, Inc.'s guarantees, see Note 26, Guarantees to the consolidated financial statements.