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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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Transformation Plan
On July 12, 2017, NRG announced its Transformation Plan designed to significantly strengthen earnings and cost competitiveness, lower risk and volatility, and create significant shareholder value. The three-part, three-year plan is comprised of the following targets:
Operations and cost excellence — Cost savings and margin enhancement of $1,065 million recurring, which consists of $590 million of annual cost savings, a $215 million net margin enhancement program, $50 million annual reduction in maintenance capital expenditures, and $210 million in permanent selling, general and administrative expense reduction associated with asset sales.
Portfolio optimization — Targeting up to $3.2 billion of asset sale net cash proceeds, including divestitures of 6 GWs of conventional generation and businesses (excluding GenOn) and the expected monetization of 100% of its interest in NRG Yield, Inc. and its renewables platform.

Capital structure and allocation enhancements — A prioritized capital allocation strategy that targets a reduction in consolidated debt from approximately $19.5 billion ($18 billion net debt) to approximately $6.5 billion ($6 billion net debt). Following the completion of the contemplated asset sales, the Company expects $5.3 billion in excess cash to be available for allocation through 2020, after achieving its targeted 3.0x net debt / Adjusted EBITDA corporate credit ratio.

The Company expects to fully implement the Transformation Plan by the end of 2020 with significant completion by the end of 2018. The Company expects to realize (i) $370 million of working capital improvements through 2020 and (ii) approximately $290 million, one-time costs to achieve.

NRG Yield, Inc. Ownership
In 2013, the Company formed NRG Yield, Inc. to own and operate a portfolio of contracted generation assets and thermal infrastructure assets that have historically been owned and/or operated by NRG and its subsidiaries. In 2013 and 2014, NRG Yield, Inc. issued Class A common stock to its public shareholders and utilized the proceeds to acquire a controlling interest in NRG Yield LLC, through its ownership of Class A units. At that time, the Company owned the Class B common stock of NRG Yield, Inc. and the Class B units of NRG Yield LLC. On May 14, 2015, NRG Yield, Inc. completed a stock split in connection with which each outstanding share of Class A common stock was split into one share of Class A common stock and one share of Class C common stock, and each outstanding share of Class B common stock was split into one share of Class B common stock and one share of Class D common stock. A similar split was effected at NRG Yield LLC with respect to its member units. The Company consolidates NRG Yield, Inc. for financial reporting purposes as it maintains a controlling voting interest, and presents the public ownership of the Class A and Class C common stock as noncontrolling interest. The Company receives distributions from NRG Yield LLC, through its ownership of Class B and Class D units.