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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/01/2018
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Included in Retail is the Company's Business Solutions group, which includes demand response, commodity sales, energy efficiency and energy management solutions. An integrated provider of supply and distributed energy resources, Business Solutions focuses on distributed products and services as businesses seek greater reliability, cleaner power or other benefits that they cannot obtain from the grid. These solutions include system power, distributed generation, solar and wind products, carbon management and specialty services, backup generation, storage and distributed solar, demand response and energy efficiency and advisory services. In providing on-site energy solutions, the Company often benefits from its ability to supply energy products from its wholesale generation portfolio to commercial and industrial retail customers. In 2017, Business Solutions delivered approximately 21 TWhs of electricity and managed approximately 1,500 MWs of demand response positions across its portfolio.
Renewables and NRG Yield
As described above, NRG expects to sell its Renewables operating and development platform and its full ownership interest in NRG Yield, Inc. in the second half of 2018. The following description reflects the historical view of these businesses as a part of NRG’s business strategy through its announcement of the Transformation Plan in 2017.
The Company’s renewables business focuses on the acquisition, development and operation and maintenance of utility scale wind and solar, community solar and distributed solar generation assets as well as the management and operations of the renewable generation assets owned by NRG Yield, Inc. In 2017, the Company acquired 209 MW of utility scale solar and wind projects and 82 MW of distributed generation and community solar projects that are currently under development or in operation across three states. The renewables business has in-house expertise that covers the full spectrum of development capabilities to execute on utility, distributed generation, and community solar projects. The asset management and operations and maintenance groups within the renewables business manage a portfolio of wind and solar assets across 27 states, serving as the primary commercial asset manager on the vast majority of assets owned by NRG and NRG Yield, Inc. In addition, the operations and maintenance group self-performs plant operations on 2,689 MW of the consolidated fleet of assets owned by NRG and NRG Yield, Inc. and 224 MW of assets owned by third parties.
The utility wind and solar generation business targets strategic partnerships with utilities, municipalities and large national corporations for offsite wind and solar solutions. The distributed solar business targets partnerships with companies, municipalities, schools and communities to provide on-site and virtual net metering off-site renewable generation. The community solar business targets relationships with companies and municipalities as well as residential homeowners to provide off-site solar generation under community solar regulations and tariffs. In addition to assets in operation, as of December 31, 2017, the Company held a backlog of in-construction, contracted and awarded projects of 1,500 MW, and a pipeline of 5,742 MW across the utility, community solar and distributed solar renewables markets.
The renewables business also competes for new generation opportunities through both RFPs and bilateral solicitations. The renewables business selects markets and projects based on resource relative to the value of the power, while seeking to make use of NRG capabilities in a competitive landscape. The number and type of competitors vary based on location, generation type, project size and counterparty.  The renewables business competes with traditional utilities as well as companies that provide products and services in the downstream solar and wind energy value chains.
NRG Yield
NRG Yield, Inc. is a publicly-traded, dividend growth-oriented company that has historically served as the primary vehicle through which NRG owns, operates and acquires diversified contracted renewable and conventional generation and thermal infrastructure assets. As of December 31, 2017, NRG owns a 55.1% voting interest in the outstanding common stock of NRG Yield, Inc. and receives distributions from NRG Yield LLC through its 46.3% ownership of Class B and Class D units. NRG Yield, Inc.’s contracted generation portfolio collectively represents 5,118 net MW as of December 31, 2017. Each of the assets sells most of its output pursuant to long-term, fixed-price offtake agreements with creditworthy counterparties. NRG Yield, Inc. also owns thermal infrastructure assets with an aggregate steam and chilled water capacity of 1,319 net MWt and electric generation capacity of 123 net MW. These thermal infrastructure assets provide steam, hot water and/or chilled water, and in some instances electricity, to commercial businesses, universities, hospitals and governmental units in multiple locations, principally through long-term contracts or pursuant to rates regulated by state utility commissions.