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SEC Filing Details

NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/29/2016
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Weather — Weather conditions in the regions of the U.S. in which NRG does business influence the Company's financial results. Weather conditions can affect the supply and demand for electricity and fuels. Weather may also impact the availability of the Company's generating assets. Changes in energy supply and demand may impact the price of these energy commodities in both the spot and forward markets, which may affect the Company's results in any given period. Typically, demand for and the price of electricity is higher in the summer and the winter seasons, when temperatures are more extreme. The demand for and price of natural gas is also generally higher in the winter. However, all regions of the U.S. typically do not experience extreme weather conditions at the same time, thus NRG is typically not exposed to the effects of extreme weather in all parts of its business at once.
Wind and Solar Resource Availability — Wind and solar resource availability can affect the Company's results. The Company's results were impacted by lower than normal wind resource availability in 2015. While the Company's wind facilities were available, adverse weather had a negative impact on wind resources. The Company cannot predict wind and solar resource availability and their related impacts on future results.
Capital Market Conditions — The Company and its peer group, along with the broader energy sector, have recently experienced volatile conditions in the capital markets, including debt and equity markets, due to continued depressed commodity markets. These conditions, if they persist, may make it difficult for the Company, including GenOn and NRG Yield, Inc., to satisfy debt obligations which mature over the next few years at a reasonable cost. Further, NRG Yield, Inc.’s growth strategy depends on its ability to identify and acquire additional conventional and renewable facilities from the Company and unaffiliated third parties.  A prolonged disruption in the equity capital market conditions could make it difficult for NRG Yield, Inc. to obtain the necessary financing to successfully acquire projects, which could impact a source of the Company’s liquidity.
Other Factors — A number of other factors significantly influence the level and volatility of prices for energy commodities and related derivative products for NRG's business. These factors include:
seasonal, daily and hourly changes in demand;
extreme peak demands;
available supply resources;
transportation and transmission availability and reliability within and between regions;
location of NRG's generating facilities relative to the location of its load-serving opportunities;
procedures used to maintain the integrity of the physical electricity system during extreme conditions; and
changes in the nature and extent of federal and state regulations.
These factors can affect energy commodity and derivative prices in different ways and to different degrees. These effects may vary throughout the country as a result of regional differences in:
weather conditions;
market liquidity;
capability and reliability of the physical electricity and gas systems;
local transportation systems; and
the nature and extent of electricity deregulation.
Environmental Matters, Regulatory Matters and Legal Proceedings — Details of environmental matters are presented in Item 15 — Note 24, Environmental Matters, to the Consolidated Financial Statements and Item 1 Business, Environmental Matters, section. Details of regulatory matters are presented in Item 15 — Note 23, Regulatory Matters, to the Consolidated Financial Statements and Item 1 Business, Regulatory Matters, section. Details of legal proceedings are presented in Item 15 — Note 22, Commitments and Contingencies, to the Consolidated Financial Statements. Some of this information relates to costs that may be material to the Company's financial results.
Impact of inflation on NRG's results — For the years ended December 31, 2015, 2014 and 2013, the impact of inflation and changing prices (due to changes in exchange rates) on NRG's revenues and net income was immaterial.