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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/29/2016
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The material indemnities, within the scope of ASC 460, are as follows:
Asset sales — The purchase and sale agreements which govern NRG's asset or share investments and divestitures customarily contain guarantees and indemnifications of the transaction to third parties. The contracts indemnify the parties for liabilities incurred as a result of a breach of a representation or warranty by the indemnifying party, or as a result of a change in tax laws. These obligations generally have a discrete term and are intended to protect the parties against risks that are difficult to predict or estimate at the time of the transaction. In several cases, the contract limits the liability of the indemnifier. NRG has no reason to believe that the Company currently has any material liability relating to such routine indemnification obligations.
Other guarantees — NRG has issued other guarantees of obligations including payments under certain agreements with respect to certain of its unconsolidated subsidiaries, payment or performance by fuel providers and payment or reimbursement of credit support and deposits. The Company does not believe that it will be required to perform under these guarantees.
Other indemnities — Other indemnifications NRG has provided cover operational, tax, litigation and breaches of representations, warranties and covenants. NRG has also indemnified, on a routine basis in the ordinary course of business, consultants or other vendors who have provided services to the Company. NRG's maximum potential exposure under these indemnifications can range from a specified dollar amount to an indeterminate amount, depending on the nature of the transaction. Total maximum potential exposure under these indemnifications is not estimable due to uncertainty as to whether claims will be made or how they will be resolved. NRG does not have any reason to believe that the Company will be required to make any material payments under these indemnity provisions.
Because many of the guarantees and indemnities NRG issues to third parties and affiliates do not limit the amount or duration of its obligations to perform under them, there exists a risk that the Company may have obligations in excess of the amounts described above. For those guarantees and indemnities that do not limit the Company's liability exposure, it may not be able to estimate what the Company's liability would be, until a claim is made for payment or performance, due to the contingent nature of these contracts.
Note 27 — Jointly Owned Plants     
Certain NRG subsidiaries own undivided interests in jointly-owned plants, as described below. These plants are maintained and operated pursuant to their joint ownership participation and operating agreements. NRG is responsible for its subsidiaries' share of operating costs and direct expenses and includes its proportionate share of the facilities and related revenues and direct expenses in these jointly-owned plants in the corresponding balance sheet and income statement captions of the Company's consolidated financial statements.
The following table summarizes NRG's proportionate ownership interest in the Company's jointly-owned facilities:
As of December 31, 2015
Property, Plant &
Construction in
(In millions unless otherwise stated)
South Texas Project Units 1 and 2, Bay City, TX


Big Cajun II Unit 3, New Roads, LA


Cedar Bayou Unit 4, Baytown, TX


Keystone, Shelocta, PA


Conemaugh, New Florence, PA