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NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/29/2016
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Issuance of 2024 Senior Notes
On April 21, 2014, NRG issued $1.0 billion in aggregate principal amount at par of 6.25% senior notes due 2024. The notes are senior unsecured obligations of NRG and are guaranteed by certain of its subsidiaries. Interest is payable semi-annually beginning on November 1, 2014, until the maturity date of November 1, 2024. A portion of the cash proceeds were used to redeem all remaining of its 7.625% 2019 Senior Notes, and the rest of the proceeds were used to redeem all remaining $225 million of its 8.5% 2019 Senior Notes in September 2014, as discussed below.
2014 Senior Notes Redemptions
In 2014, the Company redeemed $1.4 billion in aggregate principal of its Senior Notes, due 2019 for $1.5 billion, including accrued interest.
Principal Redeemed
Average Early Redemption Percentage
Loss on Debt Extinguishment
Amount in millions, except rates
8.5% Senior Note, due 2019


7.625% Senior Note, due 2019





Senior Notes Outstanding
As of December 31, 2015, NRG had six outstanding issuances of senior notes, or Senior Notes:
(i.)8.250% senior notes, issued August 20, 2010 and due September 1, 2020, or the 2020 Senior Notes;
(ii.)7.625% senior notes, issued January 26, 2011 and due January 15, 2018, or the 2018 Senior Notes;
(iii.)7.875% senior notes, issued May 24, 2011 and due May 15, 2021, or the 2021 Senior Notes;
(iv.)6.625% senior notes, issued September 24, 2012 and due March 15, 2023, or the 2023 Senior Notes;
(v.)6.250% senior notes, issued January 27, 2014 and due July 15, 2022, or the 2022 Senior Notes; and
(vi.)6.250% senior notes, issued April 21, 2014 and due May 1, 2024 or the 2024 Senior Notes.
The Company periodically enters into supplemental indentures for the purpose of adding entities under the Senior Notes as guarantors.
The indentures and the form of notes provide, among other things, that the Senior Notes will be senior unsecured obligations of NRG. The indentures also provide for customary events of default, which include, among others: nonpayment of principal or interest; breach of other agreements in the indentures; defaults in failure to pay certain other indebtedness; the rendering of judgments to pay certain amounts of money against NRG and its subsidiaries; the failure of certain guarantees to be enforceable; and certain events of bankruptcy or insolvency. Generally, if an event of default occurs, the Trustee or the Holders of at least 25% in principal amount of the then outstanding series of Senior Notes may declare all of the Senior Notes of such series to be due and payable immediately. The terms of the indentures, among other things, limit NRG's ability and certain of its subsidiaries' ability to return capital to stockholders, grant liens on assets to lenders and incur additional debt. Interest is payable semi-annually on the Senior Notes until their maturity dates.
2018 Senior Notes
Prior to maturity, NRG may redeem all or a portion of the 2018 Senior Notes at a redemption price equal to 100% of the principal amount of the notes redeemed plus a premium and accrued and unpaid interest. The premium is the greater of (i) 1% of the principal amount of the note or (ii) the excess of the present value of the principal amount at maturity plus all required interest payments due on the note through the maturity date discounted at a Treasury rate plus 0.50%.