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SEC Filing Details

NRG ENERGY, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/29/2016
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The business-to-business distributed solar business targets strategic partnerships with local, regional, national and multi-national companies and institutions to provide on-site and off-site renewable generation. As of December 31, 2015, approximately 1,884 MW of utility, C&I, and community renewable projects were in operation inclusive of those held both solely by the Company and in partnership with NRG Yield, Inc. In addition, the distributed solar business’ backlog of contracted and awarded projects in the C&I market spans 16 discrete customer programs across 12 states, and includes clients such as Kaiser Permanente, Unilever, and Cisco. In addition to assets in operation, at year end the Company held a pipeline of in-construction and development-stage projects exceeding 850 MW across the C&I, community, and utility renewables markets.
Similar to the wholesale business, the renewables business also competes for new generation opportunities through RFPs. The number and type of competitors vary based on location, generation type, project size and counterparty.  The renewables business competes with traditional utilities as well as companies that provide products and services in the downstream solar and wind energy value chains.
NRG Yield
NRG Yield, Inc. is a publicly traded dividend growth-oriented company formed to serve as the primary vehicle through which NRG, supported by NRG Renew and NRG Business, owns, operates and acquires diversified contracted renewable and conventional generation and thermal infrastructure assets. As of December 31, 2015, NRG owns a 55.1% voting interest in the outstanding common stock of NRG Yield, Inc. NRG Yield, Inc.’s contracted generation portfolio collectively represents 4,438 MW as of December 31, 2015. Each of the assets sells substantially all of its output pursuant to long-term, fixed price offtake agreements with creditworthy counterparties. NRG Yield, Inc. also owns thermal infrastructure assets with an aggregate steam and chilled water capacity of 1,315 net MWt and electric generation capacity of 124 MW. These thermal infrastructure assets provide steam, hot water and/or chilled water, and in some instances electricity, to commercial businesses, universities, hospitals and governmental units in multiple locations, principally through long-term contracts or pursuant to rates regulated by state utility commissions.
NRG Yield, Inc. provides the Company with a more competitive cost of capital consistent with the lower risk profile of long-term contracted or regulated assets. As such, NRG believes that it directly benefits from NRG Yield, Inc.’s growth through its controlling interest in NRG Yield, Inc. and by providing NRG Yield, Inc. a platform of growth through the completion of future sales of assets pursuant to the ROFO Agreement. The proceeds of such sales are expected to provide the Company with a portion of the capital utilized under its Capital Allocation Program. 
Home Solar
The Company’s Home Solar business provides installation and contract management services for residential solar customers, allowing customers to switch to solar energy in a simple and cost-efficient manner. The Home Solar business competes against traditional power generation and retail services as well as other solar installation businesses that may offer competitive pricing.